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Not As Crazy As You Think Podcast

Jen Gaita Siciliano

Mental Health is attainable for anyone--especially those labeled with mental illness. Join artist, memoir writer, and bipolar psychiatric survivor, Jen Gaita Siciliano each Wednesday at 6pm, as she challenges our world's current limited understanding of mental illness in interviews with artists, healers, educators and shamans, who offer fresh perspectives on mental health and creativity. Episodes also include Jen's personal writing on living as a bipolar creative, as well as news commentary that exposes psychiatry as an incompatible paradigm with the true landscape of the human mind. If you are ready for a new narrative on the mental realm in a place that celebrates crazy and cool without penalty, then Not As Crazy As You Think is for you!
Getting Real with Jessica Schiller Silverman, Podcaster & Spiritual Wellness Expert: On Trauma, Self-Love, and Purpose September 24, 2022 Episode artwork Opening Up About Process and Pain with Sculptural Artist and Mental Health Advocate, Kellie Gillespie (S4, E11)September 03, 2022 Episode artwork How to Heal Through Nutrition, Mindfulness and Lifestyle with Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Emilie Jordao (S4, E10)August 20, 2022 Episode artwork Natural Medicine: Holistic Healer Michelle Williams Shares a Journey of Alternative Healing (S4 E9)August 13, 2022 Episode artwork The Provocative Vision of Artist Andy Golub: His Process and Message in a Literal World (S4, E8)July 09, 2022 Episode artwork A Discussion on Mental Distress in the Family: Life and Fitness Model David Pumo Opens Up (S4, E7)July 03, 2022 Episode artwork Bridging the Gap and Exploring the Archetypes with Shaman Shanon Lyn Harwood, author of the book Currency (S4 E6)June 25, 2022 Episode artwork Making Space for Magic with author Patty Lennon: Letting Go of Resistance & Learning to Receive (S4, E5)June 18, 2022 Episode artwork An Interview with Psychologist Dr. Roger McFillin, host of Radically Genuine Podcast, on Psych Meds, Drug Trials, Resilience & Recovery (S4, E4)June 11, 2022 Episode artwork Prolonged Grief Disorder & Pathologizing Intense Feelings Of Loss: Grieve Quickly or Get a Label (S4, E3)June 04, 2022 Episode artwork In the Wake of Uvalde: Stopping Gun Violence Is Not a Mental Health Issue But a Moral One (S4, E2) May 29, 2022 Episode artwork An Update with Emma Hames on Cassette Monkeys and Her Message of Prescribed Harm (S4, E1)May 21, 2022 Episode artwork Covid Nation & Beyond Art Show at Sun River Health Foundation in Peekskill, NY (S3, E16)May 07, 2022 Episode artwork Manifesting Your Desires & Creating Flow in Your Life with Mr. D (S3, E15)April 03, 2022 Episode artwork Are Psychopaths Favored by Natural Selection? Definitions of Mental Illness and the Roots of Suffering (S3, E14) March 25, 2022 Episode artwork A Heart-to-Heart with Actress Susie K. Taylor: Creating a Kinder Story Out of the Madness (S3, E13)March 11, 2022 Episode artwork A Discussion On Psychosis, Lived Experience, and Creativity with Artist John F. Gerrard, Author of "We Make Clocks, Not Time" (S3, E12)March 04, 2022 Episode artwork A Point of View from a Man in Blue with Jeff Gironda: Crisis Intervention Training and a Broken Mental Healthcare System (S3, E11)February 18, 2022 Episode artwork A Chat with Emma Hames on Benzo Withdrawal and Recovery in the Film, "Playing with Life: The Soundtrack" (S3, E10)February 11, 2022 Episode artwork The MAD Twitter Showdown Regarding the #ChemicalImbalance Theory: A Pharmaceutical Lie Upheld By Psychiatry (S3, E9)January 29, 2022 Episode artwork The Cannabis Update with Dr. Lynn Parodneck: Moving Forward in Making MJ Medicine Mainstream (S3, E8)January 21, 2022 Episode artwork Straight Talk on Big Pharma, Psychiatry, & the Film “Medicating Normal” with Angie Peacock (S3, E7)January 14, 2022 Episode artwork Stop, Listen and Breathe into Mental Wellness with Senda Baccar (S3, E6)January 07, 2022 Episode artwork An Interview with Vesper Moore, Pt. 2: The Validation of Mad Identities and Sustaining the Movement (S3, E5)December 24, 2021 Episode artwork An Interview with Vesper Moore, Part 1: Mad Liberation, Disability Justice, and Indigenous Reclamation: (S3, E4)December 17, 2021 Episode artwork