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Straight Talk on Big Pharma, Psychiatry, & the Film “Medicating Normal” with Angie Peacock (S3, E7)

January 14, 2022 Season 3 Episode 7
Not As Crazy As You Think Podcast
Straight Talk on Big Pharma, Psychiatry, & the Film “Medicating Normal” with Angie Peacock (S3, E7)
Show Notes

In the episode, “Straight Talk on Big Pharma, Psychiatry, & the Film ‘Medicating Normal’ with Angie Peacock (S3, E7),”  former U.S. Army Sergeant and subject of the film, “Medicating Normal," Angela Peacock, MSW, was diagnosed with PTSD after one deployment to Iraq in 2003 and was overmedicated for it for over a decade and a half. She is a mental health advocate, writer, and YouTube creator who travels in her campervan across the United States with her service dog Raider in an effort to improve the mental health care system for veterans and civilians alike. 
Angie’s a major player on the film’s outreach team, facilitating more than 180 post-screening panel discussions with communities worldwide with audiences that include both consumers and mental health professionals alike. Angie’s story proves how broken the system is, in which patients, families and doctors are all victims, but Angie also bravely brings to light the unbalanced approach to healing psychiatry takes—namely, through outdated theories in the biomedical model. But psychiatrists’ stubborn adherence to the psychopharmacological treatments they were taught in med school is what perpetuates the problem. Angie discusses how instead of blaming the individual, normalizing emotions and looking at faulty systems is needed instead, and she shares alternative narratives on mental health that are developing. Angie feels the best way to change the system, though, is through finding real deep healing through your own magic potion—figuring out what’s uniquely right for you.

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Medicating Normal  Synopsis:
Millions of people worldwide are physically dependent not on illicit drugs, but on commonly prescribed psychiatric medications. Medicating Normal follows the stories of a newly married couple, a female combat veteran, a waitress and a teenager who are harmed by the very medications they believed would help them.  Medicating Normal unveils a corrupted evidence base and a mental health paradigm in which uninformed patients are too often overdiagnosed and overmedicated. It is the untold story of the disastrous consequences that can occur when profit-driven medicine intersects with human beings in distress. This story is rarely reported in the mainstream, and it is an epidemic of harm done.


  • Best Documentary - People's Film Festival
  • Audience Award - People's Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Jury Award - Woods Hole Film Festival
  • Best of the Fest - Woods Hole Film Festival
  • Virtual Audience Award - The Magnolia Independent Film Festival
  • Impact Award - Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

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