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Behind-the-Scenes at Podfest Origins 2021: Mental Health and Podcasting, Hosting Hard Conversations (S3, E3)

December 10, 2021 Jen Gaita Siciliano Season 3 Episode 3
Not As Crazy As You Think Podcast
Behind-the-Scenes at Podfest Origins 2021: Mental Health and Podcasting, Hosting Hard Conversations (S3, E3)
Show Notes

In the episode "Behind-the-Scenes at Podfest Origins 2021: Mental Health and Podcasting, Hosting Hard Conversations (S3, E3)," while attending Podfest Origins, an annual conference where podcasters connect with their peers about their work, their strategies and their passions, a handful of podcasters and I attended a meetup group hosted by Jessica Silverman and Michael Herst, in which we gathered to have a behind-the-scenes deep discussion on mental health and podcasting. Each one of us has a distinct connection to this topic in our work in podcasting, and through our passion we were united in vision and intention: we all wish to make a difference in getting the discussion started on mental health. 

Coming from all walks of life, from Tanzania to Malaysia to America, we podcasters all agreed upon the same thing ---that the topic of mental health is never talked about enough, which prevents people who are suffering from getting help. The continued issues worldwide of shame and stigma drive people to silence others and avoid the conversation altogether themselves. The collective power of open dialogue can change things however, and we discuss how a  podcast can potentially have the  influence  to heal the growing global mental health crises. 

Connect with the Panel:

Jessica Silverman, Host of A.L.I.V.E. podcast @ A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman - @mozen_wellness
Jessica Schiller Silverman is a mentor + wellness expert for spiritual women seeking freedom to live in complete alignment in Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit + Purpose for mental wellness + anxiety therapy in whole body healing. Jessica stepped away from a six-figure career in venture capital in San Francisco to start her own venture, all inspired initially from a podcast, and now is the host of the A.L.I.V.E. podcast with Jessica Silverman.

Michael Herst, Host of "One More Thing Before You Go" podcast - @michaelherst
Michael Herst is the Host and Producer of “One More Thing Before You Go Podcast,” Author, and Retired Police Sergeant. Forced to re-invent his life after developing a life-changing disease. He a Graduate of Arizona State University- with an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Digital Media, Art and Performance, and holds a B.S. in Business Management. He is a husband, a father, and a vegan with a passion for the beauty of nature, art, creative arts in healing, writing, movies, and TV.

Sarah Davis, Host of the "Breathing Wind" podcast - @breathingwindpodcast
Sarah Davis is a podcast producer and learning experience designer with a passion for co-creating content that uplifts others and spreads compassion. Her first podcast, Breathing Wind, was created for people who were the first of their peers experiencing grief around parental loss, in response to her father's death and in honor of his legacy. She splits her time between the Bay Area and Iowa, where she is caring for her aging mom. In addition to creative projects, she loves being in nature, biking, hiking or sitting.

Paula Sima Mulamula, Host of the "Talk Shit with P" podcast - @talkshitwithp
Paula Mulamula Host & Owner of Talkshitwithp a podcast platform where its safe space for people to talk whatever shit they want share… Turning conversations into relationships. Event Planner & Interior Designer by Day… Big Mental Health Advocate & Queen of Self-Care.

Peter Ong, Podcast Host & Producer, Japanese Coach and Whiteboard Animation Video Creator - @peterongkl

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